BREDA KARUN is the director of the Kranj City Library, one of 10 Slovenian regional libraries. Previously she worked as librarian and deputy director in Ljubljana City Library, as a national coordinator of regional library system and the director of Jara, Institute for Library Development.

She has cooperated with the Slovenian Public Library Association on projects like setting up a development strategy of Slovenian public libraries 2014-2020, designing and implementing the training programme for top and middle management in public libraries and other national and international projects.
She initiated the project for the establishment of the regional portal KAMRA.

She was involved in a number of projects, funded by the European Commission in the areas of lifelong learning, digitisation and access to local digital heritage.  She successfully submitted 5 mobility projects under Erasmus+ programme, which gave opportunity to a number of young Slovenian librarians to gain experiences in various European public libraries.

She managed the Public Library Innovation Programme of the international organisation EIFL and worked together with public libraries in developing countries to develop projects to support local communities. She was country ambassador in INELI Balkan a 3-year project to develop a sustainable network of Balkan librarians to encourage collaborative innovation, e-learning and experimentation with new ideas.

TILLMANN TEGELER is the Head of the Library and Electronic Research Infrastructure Department at Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS), Regensburg.

Tillmann Tegeler | Foto:

Tillmann Tegeler studied East and Southeast European History, Medieval History and Slavic Studies in Munich and Moscow (M.A. 2000); additionally he gained research experiences abroad (Moscow, Vilnius, London). In 2000 he started working at the library of the Osteuropa-Institut Munich, in 2004 also at the Südost-Institut.

With the relocation of the two institutes to Regensburg in 2007, he became head of the libraries; since 2012 he is Head of the Library and Electronic Research Infrastructure Department at the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) in Regensburg, Germany. With its collection of more than 330,000 media items, the library ranks internationally among the largest libraries for East and Southeast European studies. The department also conducts projects for research support.

Tegeler managed a project to promote open access in the humanities; within the framework of another project half a million pages of German language periodicals from Eastern Europe were digitized. After the approval of funding, currently the second phase of GeoPortOst started, where tools will be developed to support the annotation of thematic maps. Tegeler is member of the Working Group of Libraries and Documentation Units for Research in East, East Central and South Eastern Europe (ABDOS) and of the Advisory Council of the Working Group of Special Libraries (ASpB).